Proud to Present Our Summer Multi-Arts Collectives!

CAAD Summer Multi-Arts Collectives:

CAAD’s summer multi-arts collectives are an eight week program for Vassar students and their faculty project mentors. Students with majors in different arts departments may collaborate, or arts majors may collaborate with majors from outside the arts. Our three groups for 2016 will present their projects this fall!

September 12-14:
 Do You Heart What I Hear? After spending the summer conducting experiments with audio-illusions, this group has produced a performance in the mug that will both reveal the results of their research as well as feature an artful depiction of the process of their experimentation.

September 23-25: Create and Control. An experimental theater piece that is both immersive and interactive by granting the audience control over the narrative and various production elements of the performance. Shows will take place in Rockefeller Hall, Room 200.

October 3-7: Seeing Shadows, Hearing Echoes. An installation in the new Environmental Cooperative at the Vassar Barns that invites viewers to engage with philosophical questions outside the traditional realms of lecture and literature and challenges them to interact with and transform their environment as a means of grappling with various philosophical themes.

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