CAAD Project Podcasts

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already week seven of eight for the CAAD Summer Multi-Arts Collective projects. Rising senior, Sophia Steinert-Evoy, interviewed the members of each group to talk about their projects. Please take a listen to the first installment of a two-part series. Special thanks to Sophia for lending her time and talents to these projects and interviews!

In her words:

I first got involved by taking a CAAD sponsored class this spring called “Producing Audio Narratives” taught by Shane Slattery-Quintanilla.  In the class I was able to build upon my limited podcasting experience, and learn the ins and outs of audio storytelling with the help of many industry professionals who came to guest lecture.  This summer I have continued my work in radio by helping out Professor Barry Lam on his new podcast, “Hi-Phi Nation,” and for the rest of the summer I will be interning at Atlantic Public Media on Cape Cod.  As part of my work with CAAD I met with each group to interview them about their projects and the progress that they have made thus far.  I edited the clips together to make three short podcasts for a quick introduction to the projects for anyone who might be interested.  In the fall I will be following up with another round of podcasts to see how the projects turned out.  Enjoy!

Here is the link to the podcasts: CAAD Summer 2016 Podcasts



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