Be sure to check out the CAAD programming we have for you this week!


El Umbral: A psychological-spiritual performance encounter with the demons transition(s)- wresting the in-betweens

Thursday, April 21, 5:00-7:00p

Villard Room

Daniel B. Coleman Chávez, originally from San José, California, is a black transgender mover and shaker who has been invested and deeply entrenched in social movements for black, Latinx American, and queer people in the U.S., southern México, and in Europe. He is a performance artist, artivist, scholar, and pedagogue residing on multiple continents. Daniel is solo artist, co-founder of the duet art-life project Proyecto Inmiscuir with Dani d’Emilia, collaborator on the street intervention project Arte Acción in Chiapas, and a core troupe member of La Pocha Nostra. A guest for the “Race, Anti/Colonialisms, and Queering Music Performance” course, he will perform in the Villard Room at 5:00p on April 21.


The Sound of the Sacred

Thursday, April 21, 8:00p

The Chapel

From clashing symbols to the whisper of burning incense, sound is essential to the worship experience. This public lecture will explore how the architectural design of a worship space helps or hinders the way religious programming is experienced. Dr. David T. Bradley, associate professor of physics at Vassar College, will discuss how the sonic environment of a worship space affects the acoustics of spoken-word and music, paying particular attention to the acoustics of the Vassar Chapel. Additionally, he will examine the progression of acoustical design for worship spaces for a variety of religions over the past 30 years. Bradley will draw largely from the new book, Worship Space Acoustics: 3 Decades of Design (Springer 2016), for which he served as the lead editor. A dessert reception in the Chapel Tower Room will follow the lecture.

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