IMG_1037Hey everyone! My name is Nneoma and I’m so excited to be an assistant for the CAAD initiative this year. I’m a Nigerian-American sophomore, and though I’m a social advocate at heart, I live and breath self-expression through art. I’m not entirely sure what that means for me career-wise, but for now, it has translated into an International Studies major with a Film correlate. When I’m not dreaming of a million different movie ideas on the beautiful fields of Sunset Lake, I like to journal, write songs, play guitar, listen to obscene amounts of music, volunteer, and capture my world on camera.


Currently Reading: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Currently Watching: Mad Men, Archer, and always re-watching Twin Peaks

Currently Listening: HOMESHAKE, Tame Impala’s new album, and The Roots

Currently Creating: Lots of music with the hopes of starting a band in the near future…stay tuned

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