Creativity Breadcrumb 56: Cats and arts unite

Still from Henri 8: "Artiste"

Still from Henri 8: “Artiste”

With finals week coming to an end, and another year gone by at Vassar, goodbyes and see-you-laters have us feeling some type of way. And to be honest, sometimes the beauty of cats is the only thing that gets us through the day. We hope it’s not just us. In this Creativity Breadcrumb we present to you, not only two charming feline friends–existential Henri and levitating Maru–but also a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend MEOW DAY NYC in Brooklyn this Sunday. This cat-enthusiast event is going strong in its third edition. It supports cat enthusiasts, activists, crafters, and rescuers. And the best part? There’s an cat-themed Artists and Vendors Market featuring Vassar’s very own, Kevin Ritter ‘15. Have an aMEOWzing end of the year!

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