10264548_736338969722824_2267146434732579477_nHello!! My name is Kayla Schwab and I am one of the student assistants on the Creative Arts Across Disciplines team. A New Jersey native, I am currently a sophomore at Vassar College and plan to major in English literature and/or creative writing. My other academic interests include studio art, education, political science, psychology and Italian. I took studio art all four years of high school and am currently enrolled in Drawing I at Vassar. I also danced for 11 years while growing up. On campus, I am a member of Vassar’s varsity swim team and am the sophomore representative of Olivia Josselyn Hall, and am therefore a member of sophomore class council.

CURRENTLY READING: East of Eden, Walden, micro-fiction on various online literary magazines

CURRENTLY WATCHING: Parks and RecreationProject Runway, trying to find time to start Game of Thrones

CURRENTLY LISTENING: alt-J, A Tribe Called Quest, Chance the Rapper, the Antlers, Milk Carton Kids, Queen

CURRENTLY CREATING: Despite my studio art background, I did not get much practice in drawing from observation in high school; therefore in my drawing class at Vassar, I am really focusing on drawing still life compositions and landscapes from observation rather than from a photo reference. I am also very much into up-cycling and DIY fashion, as well as making playlists on Spotify (does that count? :))


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