Chester Cycle – Antichrist Trailer

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Chester Teaser Video

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Cast Interviews: The (Evil) Holy Ghost

This interview features the Anti-Christ’s Holy Ghost played by Kaylin Myers.

The Antichrist Script

Hey all you Medieval Drama fans. If you would like to check out the entire (edited down) script from the Antichrist look below!

Chester Cycle 2010 Antichrist Script

The Antichrist Cast Returns to the U.S.A.

After a great couple days in Toronto, the cast of the Antichrist returns again to the U.S.A.

Congrats to everyone! The play went extremely well and received positive reviews and compliments from both scholars and the audience. Below is the list of cast members and those who participated in the production:

Callie Beusman – Antichrist
Gabriel Gottlieb – St. Michael
Hannah Stouter – Sacrificial lamb
Kaylin Myers – Antichrist Holy Ghost
Michael Masure – King Henry
Gwendolyn Collaco – King Edward
Marya Bernovsky – Elijah
Laura Lebow – Enoch
Julian Barbosa – Counsellor
Nick Greenberg – zombie/devil
Ashlei Hardenburg – zombie/devil
Dorothy Kim – Director/Producer Extraordinaire
Tyrone Simpson – Driver
Susan Zlotnick: Driver/Chaperon
Gretchen Lieb: Driver

Many thanks to Gunnar for driving and helping with filming!

Pre-Performance Getting Ready

This video features the cast before the performance getting ready.

Michael Battles the Antichrist

Readying the Wagon

This video shows the cast getting the wagon ready before the performance.

Costumes and Make-Up

This video features Gwen Collaco putting the finishing make up touches on the St. Michael (played by Gabi Gottlieb).

Cast Interviews: Zombie/Devil

This video features an interview with one of the zombies and the first devil (both played by Ashlei Hardenburg).