Cast Interviews: Zombie/Devil (2)

This video features an interview with one of the zombies and the second devil (both played by Nick Greenberg).

Cast Interviews: Elijah

This video features an interview with Elijah as played by Marya Bernovsky.

Cast Interviews: The Counselor

This video features an interview with the Counselor as played by Julian Barbosa. Julian not only acted within the play, but he was also in charge of the weapons.

Cast Interviews: The Sacrificial Lamb

This interview features the Sacrificial Lamb as played by Hannah Stouter.

Cast Interviews: King Henry

Check out this cast interview with King Henry (played by Alex Evans). As a stand in for Michael Masure, Alex did a phenomenal job memorizing her lines and performing her role after being enlisted just a few days before the performance!

Cast Interviews: Enoch

This video features a cast interview with Enoch (as played by Laura Lebow).

Cast Interviews: The Anti-Christ

Check out these pre-performance interviews with the cast! The first interview features Callie Beusman as the Anti-Christ.

Second Performance

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First Performance

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Pre-Performance Jitters

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