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Chester Cycle – Antichrist Trailer

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Chester Teaser Video

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Pre-Performance Getting Ready

This video features the cast before the performance getting ready.

Pre-Performance Jitters

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Practice and Performance Pictures

Check out this slide show of some great pictures of practice sessions and performances in Toronto! Visit the link below for the photobucket album:

Schedule of Events

THURSDAY, 20 May 11am: Rehearsal FRIDAY, 21 May 7:30am: depart! 4-5pm: arrive in Toronto 5-7pm: settling into rooms and then dinner 7-8:30: practice 9pm: pub night with other casts SATURDAY, 22 May 9-10am: practice 1pm: performances begin SUNDAY, 23 May 9am: practice 1pm: performances begin Evening reception: Alumni Hall, Old Victoria College, 91 Charles St. […]

Trailer Rehearsal

Broadsword Training Videos

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