International Profile 3# – Samana Shrestha

Samana Shrestha, Class of ’18

International Profile 3#
The International community is highly diverse and welcoming. This week, we will meet Samana Shrestha, Vassar 2018’!!!!
Samana is from: Nepal/ Nepali/ KathmanduI
She is majoring in: Math and Computer Science and Art
“I like mixing art and tech and design

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Restaurant Review: BC Kitchen

Hey folks! Are you wondering where to have meals with your friends off campus on weekends? Or treat yourself to some delicious desserts? This week OIS wants to share with you some useful online restaurant reviews near Vassar campus!

BC Kitchen

Address: 1-3 Collegeview Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Description: Eclectic restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with an emphasis on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Wonderful food and bar menus change often with creative specials daily

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