Research and Creative Work

Frequently Asked Questions: Research and Creative Work

Q1.How do I secure funding for conference travel or research-related travel?

A.    For conference travel funding, submit the application form
[a]( before the proposed trip and as early as possible.[a] Send the form to your department chair for approval, and then convey it to Melissa Naitza, Coordinator of Academic Administration in the Dean of the Faculty office ( For research-related travel, faculty members should apply to the Committee on Research (
Q2.How does conference funding work?

A.    The college reimburses full-time faculty members for expenses in
connection with active participation in professional meetings, subject to the availability of funds. If you are presenting at a conference in the United States, you will be reimbursed by the college as funds permit up to $850. Travel outside the continental United States and Canada will be reimbursed up to $1,200. If you actively participate in more than one meeting during the academic year , you will receive an additional allowance of up to $500. Limited funds are also provided for
attendance without participation. [a]For extraordinary, high-impact, prestigious, and/or career-changing opportunities that cause your travel to exceed the normal limits, additional funding may be available from the Dean of the Faculty, typically on a matching basis; email or phone the Dean with details. For more information on professional travel expenses please refer to the Faculty Handbook (B. IV.
Q3.What resources are available to help me with my research and grant writing efforts?

A. The Director of Grants Administration ( can help you locate
appropriate funding and support your grant-writing efforts. The Faculty Director of Research Development (x7836 in the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center can also help with these efforts, as can the Writing Center Director (x7683 The Committee on Research funds faculty research expenses in the following categories: research assistance, test subjects, equipment/supplies/space, copying, travel to research sites, lodging, course tuition, and publication expenses. See the Committee Web site for details
Q4.How are research assistants recruited and paid?

A. Students who work as research assistants are recruited, hired, and paid through
the Office of Student employment ( Your department’s administrative assistant and chairperson may have more information on hiring students within your department as well.
Q5.I just received news or confirmation of a major professional accomplishment (grant, fellowship, or award received; new book published; national or international media attention; etc.) Whom do I tell?
A. Email Jeff Kosmacher in the Office of College Communications (, and let your department chair and the Dean know as well (