Community and Family Life

Frequently Asked Questions: Community and Family Life

Q1. Can family members or domestic partners use College library and recreational facilities?
A.    Yes, but they will need a College “family” ID. To obtain the ID, request a form from Mary Eddy in the Dean of the Faculty office ( The form will require each person’s name and date of birth as well as your signature. Mary will create an ID number
which you and your family member or partner take to the Card Office next to the Help Desk in the Computer Center to obtain the photo ID.
Q2.How can I find childcare for my young children?

A. Vassar students are a great resource. There are a number of ways of getting in
touch with students interested in helping out. You could contact student employment and post an advertisement on their employment bulletin board. You also could contact the Infant Toddler Center (ITC) or the Wimfheimer
Nursury School. Both organizations employ students who like to do additional babysitting. You also can contact local day care centers or preschools and let them know that you need childcare help. The Dean of the Faculty Office has a list of options and basic information about the ITC and Wimfheimer (
Q3.What resources are available to help my spouse or partner find employment?

A.    The College is a member of the Metro New York and Southern
Connecticut branch of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, with a searchable database of academic job listings ( For online information on jobs available at the College, go to The College acknowledges that employees often refer relatives for positions, especially spouses and partners of individuals who are relocating in order to accept employment at Vassar, and considers this a valuable resource in seeking the best candidates. The College encourages the practice of reviewing applications and interviewing relatives who are qualified for particular positions, but we cannot guarantee employment.
Q4. What are some of the most popular things to do off campus in the Hudson Valley?

A.    The Hudson Valley offers a host of pleasurable pursuits, whether you
are an outdoors enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, a food lover, or a parent with kids. Visit our off campus attractions page for ideas.

Q5. Where can I find out more about activities and events in the Hudson Valley?

A. Online information on events in Dutchess County is available here.
Each Friday’s Poughkeepsie Journal includes an “Enjoy” section with a detailed listing of events and activities in the area.