Thank you

This week, the Libraries are saying farewell to a wonderful group of colleagues who will retire at the end of this year. Please join us in congratulating Eleanor Davies, Chris Donnelly, Barbara Durniak, Joan Pirie, and Maureen Rant. We thank them for their expertise, dedication, and friendship over many years, and have but one request: please visit us when you can!

Snowmen 3D art depicting five retirees from Vassar College Libraries

Thank you, Barbara, Ellie, Chris, Maureen, and Joan! Photographer: Rebecca Hernandez

October Break at the Libraries

Library fallIt’s October break already?! A week off from regularly schedule classes is a great opportunity to focus on doing some research for term papers and other end of semester assignments, and your Research Librarians are available to help!

The library will be open regular hours over break (see the HOURS link on the library home page). The after-hours study space will be open as well. Research librarians will be on call weekdays 8:30-5:00 as well as 6-9 Sunday 10/19. We’re also available via email, phone, chat and text – see the Ask a Librarian page for how to get in touch with us.

If you’re going away for break but need to use the library’s electronic resources, you’ll need to log into the campus network via the Off-Campus Access link on the lower right side of the library’s home page. [Note: the link will only work if you’re actually off campus!]

The only exception is Refworks – if you want to use it from off-campus, you’ll need to put in the Group Code RWVassar, then your username and password.

If you’re looking for some light reading over break, consider checking out one of the library’s circulating kindles which are loaded with almost 100 best-selling and prize winning books.

Have a great October break!

Seals and Shields Quiz

3 shields

You've seen the shields over the Library doors and in the vestibule perhaps hundreds of times. You might even have been paying attention when the guide told you what they represented during your admissions tour. Or maybe you're an esteemed member of the faculty who knows all things about all things. But can you earn an A on this quiz? Are you too chicken to try? Too cool for schools? Come on, loosen up, give it a shot. You might even giggle at the extremely witty wrong answers. Or learn something or whatever...