New paper on pSK41 Cop published in Plasmid

So excited to tell you about our latest paper published in Plasmid! The analysis of the crystal structure in this paper was completed by Faith Northern VC ’22, 4th in author list, as part of her Vassar College senior biochemistry research! Congrats! Link to paper:,3Mq7BJX Paper summary: We study conjugative plasmid transfer (CPT) as Read more about New paper on pSK41 Cop published in Plasmid[…]

URSI Symposium 2023

The McLaughlin Lab had two posters at the Vassar URSI Symposium in September this year! Jordan Norman ’24 (left) presented her summer work titled “Structural Characterization of Conjugative Proteins from pCU1 and pSK41”. Jas Kaur ’25 and Vidya Iyengar ’26 (right) presented their work titled “Structural Investigation of Potential Relaxosome Protein from Staphylococcus aureus pSK41″. Read more about URSI Symposium 2023[…]