My experience at Vassar

Hello!!! My name is Ngan Phung ’14. This is my second year at Vassar and I am working as an intern for Office of International Services. I am an Economics major and an Anthropology minor.

picture of Ngan
Me in Philly for Thanksgiving

I applied early to Vassar in January 2010. During that period of time, to me, Vassar was the only place where I wanted to be. I still remember watching an amazing youtube video that a student made about Vassar, dreaming that one day I would actually be there. Until now, my decision of coming here has not changed one bit!

Coming from a country where social norms and traditions are a big part of everyday life, I found Vassar to be a whole new world. Here I can freely express myself and not fear the judgments of other people, which I could not do in my home country. I have found a different version of myself.

Vassar is also a place where anyone can fit in. The student body is very small, yet so diverse, that sometimes I cannot help thinking how I can meet so many different people in such a small community. If you come to Vassar I bet you can find your group of friends that share your interests, sometimes in academics, sometimes in various other aspects like music, movies, etc.

If you are looking for a nurturing academic environment, Vassar is definitely the place to be. We have a very small class size, and the professors make a great effort of getting to know you and your personality.  Classes are either lecture or discussion-based, and you can find either type that you want here. In fact, some of my friends like Vassar classes so much that they don’t want to study abroad in their junior year for fear of not being able to take all the classes that they want.

Another thing I love about Vassar is how strong the international community at Vassar is. At the beginning of the year we have orientation for new internationals, which allows us to get to know each other and Vassar a little before other students get in. During the school year the Office of International services and VISA (Vassar International Students Association) also organize fun and useful activities so we can bond with each other and have a smoother transition to life at Vassar and in the US. In fact, some of my closest friends here are international students.

All in all, if you are looking for an amazing place where you can learn how to think, a place that will open you to new horizons, come to Vassar!

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