Status and Employment Information: 

Concerned about OPT/CPT/visas/internships/jobs?

Regulations are strict regard students who wish to work on a visa. If work study is a part of your financial aid package, you are guaranteed a job on campus. Students without work study may also get a job on campus after all the students with work study have secured their positions. Vassar policy allows for part-time, on campus employment to a maximum of 10 hours a week during the academic year.

Prior to working on campus, you will need to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) . The Office Of International Services will arrange an opportunity to obtain your SSN about two to three weeks after you arrive on campus. Since there may be a delay in obtaining the SSN, the Financial Aid Office will issue you a voucher that can be redeemed for cash to cover your initial weeks’ earnings. (Don’t worry: this is one of the topics we will cover during International Orientation.)


Social Security: 

You must have a job before applying for your social security number, as you will need a letter from the Student Employment Office. To apply for a social security number, you must have:

NY State ID or Learner’s Permit:

To apply for a NY State ID or learner’s permit, you must have:

  • as many forms of ID as possible (including passport, visa, i-94, college ID).  we will have a master list in OIS
  • your social security card (or a letter from the social security office stating you are ineligible for one)
  • a completed MV44:

Inviting Friends and Relatives to Vassar:

Bus Schedules–Free bus trips with your Vassar ID!

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