Why should you come to Vassar?


My name is Sebastian Herrador and I am currently a sophomore in Vassar. I am planning to double major in Mathematics and Economics.

Looking back at the point when I was deciding whether to attend Vassar or not, I remember having chosen to come to Vassar because of three things: it looked like a great place to live, it provided freedoms and opportunities to grow both academically and as a person, and its community had a very positive attitude towards differences and diversity of opinions, interests and backgrounds.


However, if you ask me now, I wish I had known more about what Vassar was all about. If I had, I would have been much more sure that Vassar was the place to pick.

In Vassar there is a place for everyone. We really try hard to make everyone comfortable with himself or herself. We want students and faculty to be whoever they want to be. We don’t want to be an obstacle for anyone who is actively pursuing his or her goals.


Like I mentioned above, we are a very diverse community. In Vassar there is a high chance that you will find someone who shares your same interests. We don’t want to leave anyone out. Specifically, I can speak from the point of view of international students. One of the most important tasks of the Office of International Services is to try to accommodate students to the extent that they will look at Vassar like they look at their own home. In addition, not only are we always happy to help students make contributions to our community, but also we want to make sure that they are heard and that their contributions don’t go unnoticed. Why should they if someone can always benefit from the work and creativity of somebody else?


The dynamism of Vassar is unique. There are changes every month. New things are always happening since both students and faculty keep creating and contributing. It is fantastic. We have all sorts of contributions, from students creating their own a capella groups, to jazz bands, to radio shows, to tv shows, to business clubs, political discussions, etc. While some students like to dance, to get involved with theater, or maybe join acrobats others go hiking or play polo or golf. Just when you think you know everything that is going on in Vassar you will find someone who will surprise you when they tell you they are doing something you had no idea about.


Academically, Vassar is a great place to get feedback. My professors gave me pages full of comments on each one of my essays. Not only are faculty members very engaged in making sure students learn and grow, but also they are very open to student’s comments and will be happy to welcome you in their office or even go on a walk with you to discuss any topic.


I could keep writing pages and pages about why you should come to Vassar but lets just call this a start…

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