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Goat Friend

Julia and a goat at Sprout Creek Farm

Hi! My name is Julia and I’m an Environmental Studies major and a French Correlate and I’m from Arlington, MA.  Shortly after this photo was taken, this goat almost succeeded in eating the zipper off my jacket.

Sophia and Moo Friend

Hi! My name is Sophia Burns and I am a sophomore Urban Studies major from South Jersey (aka the breadbasket of the Garden State). I love the outdoors and have been getting more interested in the Hudson Valley through my field work, so I’m really looking forward to all that we’ll be doing in this course!

Here I am with my “moo” friend. Many cow kisses accepted on this day.


Cowboy John

Hello! My name is John Tapscott and I’m a senior from Tupelo, Mississippi.  I study economics and German studies, but now it’s time I finally learn more about the Hudson Valley. Here’s a pic of me with a Swiss Brown cow at Stormfield Swiss Dairy Farm.