Making Mini Documentaries

Please use this template to play your mini documentary.

The goal is to have a mini documentary of each of our trips.

Please watch the video “How To make a short documentary” (above)

Class members will be the hosts of the mini documentary.

Be prepared to do staged host shots for Beginning, Middle and End.


Beginning: (before you get on the van)


Today we are going…..

We will be meeting …..


Establish who’s guiding the journey…(i.e. Introduce yourselves or each other)


Middle: (can be more than one shot)


We’ve seen this….

We’re about to….

(Optional) This funny or interesting thing happened….


(If two locations)

We’ve just met…. (summarize what happened)


now we’re on our way to …. to talk to so and so (introduce what is coming up)


End: (before you get back in the van to return to Vassar)


We’ve done x,y,z,

These were the highlights…

We learned ….


Other tips:

Try and capture spontaneous moments

Convey the passage of time.