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Making New Friends

Hi, I’m Lily! I’m a senior American Studies major from New York City. I first became interested in sustainable agriculture during my time at a VT dairy farm in high school, and am excited to learn more about its role in the Hudson Valley! Here is a picture of me and my new best friend at Stormfield Swiss in Wappinger’s Falls.



Shuai Lei

Hi ,I am Shuai Lei, an exchange student  from China. I am so glad to take this class.

See what happens in the field experience!!me

This is Rory

Hey my name is Rory! I’m taking this course because I’m interested in learning more about the Hudson Valley and also have some rural/farming memories in my background so its fun to get back to my roots a bit. But better than that, I’ve made some new goat and cow friends and ate their cheese! Maybe they like me too much, I had a hard time escaping as you can see.  This is my new favorite jazz band, check em out.

Rory, goat, sprout creek farm, es291


Hi fellow goat admirers – I’m Jane Cardona. Here is a picture of me and my new goat friend, who is elegantly sporting my headphones. The goats at Sprout Creek took a liking to these headphones today (particularly the taste). Sometimes they listen to Bob Marley while they milk!


I took this class to learn about Agriculture in the Hudson Valley and because Friday farm jaunts sounded exciting.