Faculty Funding

The ERI administers the Class of 1942 Fund for Environmental Sciences which supports faculty research and teaching in environmental sciences, including multidisciplinary work on projects that cross boundaries of environmental sciences, social sciences, policy, humanities, and other multidisciplinary collaborations.  Applications for all types of funding are accepted on a rolling basis, with preferred submission deadlines below.  Funding is provided to support:

  1. Faculty research
  2. Faculty travel to meetings and conferences
  3. Departmental Purchases of Environmental Equipment,
  4. ENST 254, “Environmental Science in the Field”

1. Faculty Research

The ERI provides financial support for faculty research on Earth’s environmental systems and human interactions with those systems. Ecological, evolutionary, geological, chemical, economic, anthropological or behavioral research projects are funded on a competitive basis. Proposals should make explicit the environmental nature of the work and/or the role of human-environment interactions.  If travel is included, the budget should include carbon offsets for travel from Terrapass or another similar site; total funding is up to $5000 + cost of carbon offsets.  Deadlines: Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, with a preference for those submitted on the Mondays after October Break or Spring Break.

Guidelines for Faculty Research Applications

Application Form

When submitting the Application form, please also email Catherine Meyer (cameyer@vassar.edu) so that the ERI is notified of your submission.

Some recent Collins Fund faculty research awards:

2. Faculty Travel to Meetings and Conferences

The ERI has funding available to support faculty travel to environment-themed meetings and conferences, particularly where the faculty member is presenting work. Presentation of environmentally themed presentations at more general conferences is also supported.  This funding is meant to supplement funds available from other sources.  All budgets should include carbon offsets for travel from Terrapass or another similar site.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and are to be emailed to Catherine Meyer at cameyer@vassar.edu

Link to Faculty Travel Application

3. Departmental Purchases of Environmental Equipment

The ERI has designated a small amount of funding to support equipment purchases.  Requests for this funding must demonstrate that the equipment will be used to support work that is environmental in nature; this equipment should potentially be used by  members of more than one department.  For equipment costing between $10,000 and $50,000, the ERI will provide $2,500 in funding.  For equipment costing above $50,000, the ERI will provide $5,000.  The total funding spent to support equipment purchases will not exceed $20,000 in a fiscal year, and funding will be designated on a rolling basis.  Send equipment purchase requests to Catherine Meyer (cameyer@vassar.edu).

4. ENST 254: Environmental Science in the Field

In conjunction with the Environmental Studies Program, ERI supports a travel course once every two academic years (ordinarily in the spring of odd-numbered years).  We are actively seeking to increase the pool of faculty able to lead these trips.  If you might be interested in leading a trip, please contact any member of the ERI.

Link to ENST 254 Request for Course Proposals

Questions about funding can be directed to any member of the ERI steering committee: Alison Keimowitz (Chemistry; Coordinator); Jodi Schwarz (Biology); Lisa Paravasini-Gebert (Hispanic Studies; director of Environmental Studies Program); Jeff Walker (Earth Science and Geography); and Ben Ho (Economics).