About ERI

The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) is a research and public outreach wing of Vassar’s Environmental Studies program. The ERI’s mission is to provide opportunities for faculty and students to conduct research on Earth’s environmental systems, to promote fieldwork, and to foster engagement with the local community. To meet these goals, the ERI promotes and funds multidisciplinary research and education, hosts educational events and conferences, and acts as a bridge to the larger Hudson Valley community on environmental concerns.

ERI Funding Opportunities

ERI Governance

  • ERI By-laws describing ERI functions and structure
  • Steering Committee: Lynn Christenson (Biology), Ben Ho (Economics), Alison Keimowitz (Chemistry), Lisa Paravisini-Gebert (ENST Director), Jodi Schwarz (Biology), Jeffrey Walker (Earth Science and Geography)
  • Co-coordinators for 2019-2020 Academic Year: Lynn Christenson and Alison Keimowitz

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