A widely shared spiritual and humanist value, compassion can be characterized as a deep concern and sympathy for others. No figure in Buddhist art better exemplifies these qualities than Avalokiteshvara (a va lo ki TESH va ra), the supreme representative of compassion. For two thousand years, Buddhists around the world have venerated this bodhisattva (a great being who aspires to achieve enlightenment for the sake of all). The Embodying Compassion in Buddhist Art website illuminates Avalokiteshvara’s significance by exploring thirty outstanding depictions of the bodhisattva from India, Nepal, Tibet, China, and Japan. It is organized into three thematic sections—Image, Pilgrimage, Practice—and features paintings, sculptures, texts, and ritual objects. Visitors to the website can access the featured works, as well as dozens of comparative images, interpretative texts, interactive features, a glossary of terms, maps, related videos, event listings, and links to relevant topics. Use these website features to follow Avalokiteshvara as he travels from his birthplace in India to the Himalayas and East Asia, becoming one of the world’s most revered exemplars of compassion.