Field Work: Cat (as cats do) begins with a C

I10646858_970352779657677_2212670350112638266_nt’s about cheesiness, it’s an exorcism, it’s a spectacle, it’s a musical (!!!), it’s a mess in the best way possible.-Kevin Ritter

It’s September 26th and there’s only minutes to go until the show begins. Outside, facts are being read to the audience, some of which include a comparative analysis of the success of Hilary Duff’s latest singles. People are filing into the Shiva, not knowing what to expect. ‘It’s a one man production of Cats,’ one tells another, ‘The musical?’ Inside, there’s chairs on all sides of the Shiva theater save for one, where there’s a mop, a couch, several instruments’ cases, and a lift. Voices quiet down when they see Kevin Ritter entering. He’s wearing cat ears, jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket. Then, it begins. […]