Neurobiology is fun

2023 Spring semester lab showing off data at the Hudson Valley Life Science Symposium

Sara ’22, David ’22, and Hannah ’23 show off their poster for the NSB symposium – May 2021

Ice pyramidal neuron. I see basal and apical dendritic trees with at least 3rd order branches, soma, nucleus, and if you magnify, even dendritic spines. Quite something.


Miranda ’19, Alex ’19, Jess ’19 and Kate ’19 (left to right) playing “Pin the Neuron on the Brain” – December 2018

2018 Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, CA. Vassar alumni annual gathering.

Congrats to the PSYC 397/398 Senior Empirical Thesis group on a job well done!

Alex, Savannah, and Jessica at Vassar College Founder’s Day 2017.

2017 Mid-Hudson Valley Life Sciences Conference.

The Neuroscience & Behavior Symposium 2017 at Vassar College.

Vassar College NEUR 201-51 Neuroscience Models and Systems class. Neur 201 student Lucy is rocking a 128-channel geodesic sensor net. Nice job Lucy!

Vassar College NEUR 201-51 Neuroscience Models and Systems class hard at work running immunohistochemistry!