Avery Bauman Class of ‘23

Hometown: Westbrook, CT

Extracurriculars and future plans: Field Hockey, volunteer at MidHudson Regional Hospital, president of SAAC, intern at PM Pediatrics, Vassar EMS

My future plans include conducting research through the NIH postbac IRTA program before hopefully attending medical school. 

Olivia Carpenter Class of ‘23

Hometown: Arlington, MA

Extracurriculars and future plans: Classical singer and pianist, martial artist, and Head Keeper of the Flames for the Barefoot Fireflies fire spinning troupe. 

My future plans include taking a gap year or two to participate in neuroscience research before applying to veterinary school!

Kasey Drake Class of ‘23

Hometown: Topsail Beach, NC

Extracurriculars and future plans: Rugby, stained glass art, and volunteering in the greenhouse! My future plans include graduate school in neuroscience! 

Jessica Porras Class of ‘24

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Extracurriculars and future plans: 

Urology Medical Assistant, Midhudson Regional Hospital Patient Transporter, Vassar Haiti Project Health Director, Express Yourself founder/president, Matriculate Advising Fellow. My future plans include taking a gap year before attending medical school!

Rajani Subramanian, Research Technician 

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Interests and future plans: Reading, traveling, and playing trumpet! My future intentions are to attend graduate school in either the field of neuroscience or clinical psychology!




Hannah Thompson ’23 | Undeclared | Hometown: Galway, NY

Project: Alcohol and fear neurobiology

Extracurricular:Vassar Women’s Rugby, Cushing House Team, Wellness Peer Educator, and student theater


Google Scholar profile            Bergstrom CV

Hadley Bergstrom grew up in Klamath Falls, OR. He earned his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Oregon and M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from George Mason University. He went on to train as a postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry and Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress at the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine. He then held a postdoctoral Intramural Research Training Award in the Laboratory of Behavioral and Genomic Neuroscience at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Lab Alumni

Christopher Cho 2019-2022
Charles Mangan 2019-2022 Fulbright Scholar
Akshay Rana 2020-2021 The University of Washington Research technician
Sara Ehnstrom 2020-2022 Mass General/Harvard Research technician
David Peterson 2020-2022 Columbia University Research technician
Abigail Jenkins 2019-2022 UT Southwestern Medical Center MD student
Stefano Rozental 2019-2021 Dartmouth School of Medicine MD student
Tea Binder 2019-2020 tbd Emergency Medical Technician/applying to medical school
Alexa Mousley 2016-2020 Cambridge University PhD student, Neuroscience
Victoria Wilk 2017-2020 The University of Washington MD student
Gabrielle Coste 2017-2020 Johns Hopkins University PhD student, Neuroscience
Katherine Barton 2017-2020 Indiana State University PsyD student, Clinical Psychology
Miranda Scarlata 2016-2019 Oxford University MSc student, Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation
Jessica Bezek 2016-2019 University of Michigan PhD student, Neuroscience
Alexandra Ng 2016-2019 Boston College PhD student, Neuroscience
Katherine Lawson 2017-2019 UC Irvine PhD student, Neuroscience
Caroline Geary 2107-2018 Mercer University MFT student, Family Therapy
Serena Lee 2016-2018 Case Western Reserve University MD student
Daniel Lee 2016-2018 KalVista Pharmaceuticals Research Scientist
Shenandoah Wrobel 2016-2018 Stanford University PhD student, Neuroscience and Bioengineering
Ivan Soler 2017-2018 Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai PhD student, Neuroscience
Gabrielle Mintz 2017-2018 University of Arizona MD student
Julian Dishart 2017-2018 University of California, Berkeley PhD student, Neuroscience
Abigail Hiller 2017-2018 University of Massachusetts MD/PhD student
Ziwen Wang 2017-2018 Johns Hopkins University PhD student, Psychology and Brain Science.
Savannah Kandigian 2016-2018 Yale University PhD student, Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology, and Physiology
Siqi Fan 2016-2018 Yale University PhD student, Neuroscience
Leah Weingast 2015-2017 Columbia University MA student, Clinical
Gabrielle Pollack 2015-2017 Hofstra/ Zucker School of Medicine MD student
Meredith Ward 2015-2016 Smith College MSW student