Imaging & Lab Tools

Engram “tagging”

Medial prefrontal cortex tissue immunolabeled for GFP (green), Arc/arg3 (red) and DAPI (blue) using a 20X objective. Co-labeled neuron indicated by arrowhead – the “engram cell” 

Gi-DREADD (hM4Di) transfection (mCherry) and c-fos staining in the mPFC following fear extinction retrieval.

In vivo calcium imaging using miniature microscopes

Infralimbic cortex under conditions that promote behavior extinction.

0.5 mm diameter, 6.1 mm length GRIN. AAV.CamKII.GCamP6s (AAV9).

The miniscope





Golgi-stained BLA principal neuron (20 X)

Golgi-stained BLA principal neurons (20 X)

Arc/arg 3.1 immunohistochemistry


c-fos immunofluorescence

 3D recontruction of a principal neurons in the basolateral amygdala