Physics: An Antidote for Anxiety?

Today’s post comes from Olivia Zisman, class of 2016 and Art Center Student Docent.
On October 24, Professor Jenny Magnes of the physics department kicked off this year’s Artful Dodger series—now taking place at 5:00 on Thursdays during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb—with a talk about Ross Bleckner’s Symbols of the Sun and Other Planets.

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Stoking the connection between thought and emotion

Today’s post comes from Calvin Lamothe, class of 2017 and Art Center Student Docent.
A group of local fifth graders had just finished their tour of the museum and were drawing in the galleries when one of their teachers approached me and asked what was up with the “alien” painting.

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summary of October 10, 2012 meeting

Present: Sarah Cheng, Mary Ann Cunningham, Stephen Jones, Carol Lynn Marshall, Leonard Nevarez, Marc Smith (chair), Steve Taylor
Guests: Andrew Hermalyn (2Tor co-founder), Alana Rose (2Tor), Gary Hoenberger (AAVC), Baynard Bailey (ACS) and Cristian Opazo (ACS)
The committee was joined by Sarah Cheng, the new student representative appointed by the VSA.  We heard a presentation from representatives of 2Tor, a for-profit company in the online education business that has invited Vassar College to join a consortium of universities and colleges in offering undergraduate courses in a pilot “semester online” project.

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