Exhibition Title?

Shall we attempt to crowdsource ideas for our exhibition title?

Our theme, so far, is summed up best by a quote from Lucy Maynard Salmon, renowned Vassar history professor of the early 20th century, “A collection of the clothing worn by students at different periods would at least raise, if it did not answer, the question of how far dress has been influenced by education.”

I’ve had a few ideas for titles so far, and I’d love to hear what you think of them. Even better, if you have any ideas for other titles, please share them!

  • What Vassar Wore
  • 150 Years of Vassar Students and What They Wore
  • Fashion / Education
  • Vassar Dress and the Influence of Education
  • Vassar’s Wardrobe

4 Replies to “Exhibition Title?”

  1. My suggestion is: A Fashionable Education

    However, I think Chloe takes that even further and makes it even better….

  2. Dress For Success
    Why Vassar Wore: 150 Years of Vassar Fashion
    Well-Appointed: 150 Years of Vassar Fashion and Education

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