On Our Minds – March 2021

Dear Allies and Co-conspirators in the struggle:
As a group of folks committed to creating an anti-racist, equitable, and just community, we wanted to use this platform to publicly stand in solidarity with our Asian and Asian American community members in the wake of increased anti-Asian and anti-Asian-American racist acts. We also understand that the recent attack in Atlanta not only demonstrated Anti-Asian racist violence, but also anti-women violence. We additionally affirm our support for women and stand against gender-based violence in all forms. We have seen far too often the unique intersection of gender and race be doubly dangerous for women, femmes, and trans people of color. Now, more than ever, we must unequivocally fight against racist and gender-based violence. Please see below for information on community programs centering Anti-Asian violence, gender-based violence, and challenging anti-AAPI Bias.

In Solidarity,