On Our Minds – January 2021

Dear Allies and Co-conspirators in the struggle against racism:

Since the terrifying assault on the capitol, transitioning to a government more willing to acknowledge racial diversity has allowed many to find respite from the racially traumatizing daily assaults on minds and bodies. We offer this newsletter in a spirit of hope, even as we remain keenly aware of the urgent need to stay the course in antiracist organizing. Just as the attempted takeover was not a singular, isolated event but rather rooted in a tenacious history of white supremacist impunity, we continue the strong steady climb to disrupt and undo racism, while staying mindful of the challenges that lay ahead.

Today more than ever we need spaces where people of color can freely express their exhaustion from ongoing white terror and silence. We need white folx to convoke, host and sustain spaces where they are pushed to examine their privilege and to work with existing antiracist organizations. It is an honor to provide our readers with this fifth issue which offers resources for both action and healing, as well as spotlights local schools (Arlington, Poughkeepsie) where parents and residents are organizing around racial equity issues, such as teacher and administrator diversity and inclusive learning environments.