Closer Look – Equity Detours

Pacing for privilege happens when the pace of change for an equity approach coddles the comfort and hesitancy of people with the least racial equity investment or interest. It punishes and ignores the people who most need and desire change  (students, families, educators or any individuals or groups experiencing racism).

Examples of pacing to privilege:

  • A cultural competence approach that talks about cultural differences without naming or confront racism
  • An administrative response that emphasizes the importance of staff buy-in, or “meeting people where they are at,” before implementing equity or taking a stance on an issue

Brainstorm of spaces we inhabit. Is racial equity alive in those spaces? How or how not?

  • When do we participate in avoiding or rearranging inequities?
  • How does that detour work? 
  • How was I disrupting or enabling that detour?