Tewa Kpulun

My name is Tewa Kpulun and I’m a physics major and a math minor . I will be graduating with the class of 2015. I’ve been working for VAOL since September 2012 with C. elegans. My research consists of studying the locomotion of C. elegans using shadow imaging and a PicoScope to determine their thrashing frequency. Outside of VAOL, I am the president of Jewett and the treasurer of Hype (a hip hop dance group).


Brian Deer

My name is Brian Deer, and I am a Physics major from the class of 2015.  I have been working with the VAOL since January 2013, and have mainly been exploring various changes in diffraction patterns.  I have been studying the relationship between charge densities on diffracting materials and the resulting diffraction patterns, which has also led to the discovery of an interesting non-linearity in diffraction intensities.  This work with diffraction and charge densities will hopefully lead to a dynamic diffraction study of Planarians, a flatworm species with powerful regenerative properties.  My other interests include astronomy, particle physics, and cosmology. Outside of VAOL, I run cross country and track.


Ramy Abbady

My name is Ramy Abbady, and I am a Physics major in the Class of 2016. I started working in VAOL in May 2013 as a part of Vassar’s Undergruate Research Summer Institute (URSI) program. As part of my work, I have worked with Brian Deer on examining the effects of charge densities on diffraction, which led to our discovery of an interesting nonlinear phenomenon. Additionally, I have looked at inexpensive scientific technologies for use in Professor Magnes’ Lasers, Technology, and Teleportation course. Outside of VAOL, I am the president of Raymond House and an active member of the Queer Coalition of Vassar College.

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