Our research is dedicated to the study of human emotions, with an emphasis on the processes that promote health and well-being. Stories of resilience, courage, and hope continue to inspire a growing line of research on the human capacity to cope with stress and adversity. We examine the ability for people to feel positive emotions (e.g., gratitude, hope) in the face of adversity as these affective crossroads can reveal important information about the complexity of emotional experience. Our program of research focuses on the personal strengths that allow individuals to achieve resilience, to thrive, and to flourish – especially in the midst of trying circumstances.

heart-and-brainBecause emotions are multifaceted, dynamic, and emergent phenomena that unfold over time, the study of emotions requires approaches that examine the interplay between several processes. We take a biopsychosocial approach to investigate different processes of resilience. Our empirical research incorporates multiple methods, including laboratory-based experiments, psychophysiological measurement procedures, experience-sampling methodology, as well as facial and behavioral analyses.