Michele Tugade, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological Science . Dr. Tugade directs the Affective Science Laboratory at Vassar College. Her research focuses on positive emotions, resilience, and coping, with an emphasis on emotion-related processes associated with health and well-being.

Dr. Tugade received a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Mental Health and is an elected member of the International Society for Research on Emotions. Her research has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Science Foundation.She has worked with a number of organizations, including: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, NASA, Apple, and The United Way.


Formosa Huang is a psychology and music double major. She is interested in social psychology, particularly its relationship with media and culture. She is a member of the Questbridge and Transitions community on campus, and has special interests in studying the benefits of gratitude, self-compassion, and a growth mindset.



Lila Malin is a psychology major with minors in sociology and biological anthropology. She is interested broadly in social psychology, and more particularly the social and interpersonal impacts of stress and anxiety. She is interested in investigating how resilient groups or individuals gain and maintain the perspective of optimism and self-efficacy.



Violet Tan, B.A. is a postgraduate Research Assistant at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Her interests focus on mental health in young adulthood, culture and emotional expressivity, and momentary emotional assessment procedures. She also has a strong interest in science communication.



Kai Greenlees is a graduate student at the University of Exeter. She is interested in studying how people’s emotions, perspectives, and behaviors are affected by environmental stressors such as the effects of climate change. Particular interest lies in how people and societies can become more psychologically resilient and more successfully adapt to these chronic environmental stressors in the face of growing anxieties, fear, and conflict.


Sonali Shah is interested in Health Psychology, particularly in how different types of foods and diets influence overall mental health outcomes. She is also interested in the idea of perfectionism and the various causes and effects surrounding this idea. 




Louise Wachsmuth is a graduate student at Teachers College, Columbia University. Within the field of psychology, she is especially interested in positive psychology, social psychology, and the intersection of psychology and education.