The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

February 8, 2:00 pm — Taylor Hall 203

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales / 2018 / Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert / 83 min

Introduction: Claire Sagan (Political Science, Vassar College)

Respondent: Pierre-Louis Philipponnat (French and Francophone Studies, Vassar College)

Adapted from an acclaimed series of comic books written and illustrated by co-director Benjamin Renner, The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is a delightful animated film, charmingly old-fashioned in its graphics but sly and witty in its contents. Consisting of three stories featuring a recurring cast of hapless farm animals, the film is presented as a theatrical revue, with the “big bad” fox (who is in fact anything but) appearing on a stage before each segment to introduce the action. The first story features the adventures of a rabbit, a pig, and a duck who take over for the stork when she gets sick and try to bring a human baby to its parents. This is followed by the story of the fearful fox who is so bad at being a predator that he winds up protecting three chickadees from a wolf. The final story finds the rabbit and the duck attempting to deliver presents on Christmas Eve after they destroy a plastic Santa Claus and become convinced they’ve killed the real one. Combining an infectious warmth and a surprising slapstick sensibility, The Big Bad Fox is a treat for the whole family.


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