Opportunities for Participants

Publication Opportunities

  1. International Journal for Students as Partners

The International Journal for Students as Partners (IJSaP) is a journal about learning and teaching together in higher education. IJSaP explores new perspectives, practices, and policies regarding how students and staff (used here and subsequently to refer to academic staff/faculty, professional staff, and other stakeholders) are working in partnership to enhance learning and teaching in higher education. Shared responsibility for teaching and learning is the underlying premise of students as partners, and IJSaP is produced using a student-staff partnership approach.

2. Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education

Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education (TLTHE) serves as a forum for the reflective work of college faculty and students working together to explore and enact effective classroom practice. Published three times per year, the journal is premised on the centrality to successful pedagogy of dialogue and collaboration among faculty and students in explorations and revisions of approaches to teaching and learning in higher education.

3. Journal for Innovation, Partnership and Change

The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership & Change is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes articles, case studies and opinion pieces in written or video format relating to learning, teaching and assessment with the context of students and staff as co-creators and change agents. Our aim is to inspire, educate, amuse, and generally engage its readership.

Intercollegiate Opportunity for Student Partners

Through the program, student partners from different colleges and universities in different countries are matched with one another to develop new relationships, learn about one another’s contexts and practices, and support pedagogical partnership work during this uncertain time of transition in—and perhaps revision of— higher education.