Library Artifacts Quiz


Can you you identify these objects used by ye ancient and venerable library folk? Note: The quiz gets harder as you progress, and you WILL be graded!

5 thoughts on “Library Artifacts Quiz

  1. It was the little white ceramic roller that we used to glue bookplates that got me going on the quiz and then I gave the wrong answer in my response. Darn. And now I’m thinking about the little mimeograph machine we had to make catalog cards at the fine arts library at Pitt.

  2. I loved this quiz! Would you like become part of our library history?

    Would you like to create and contribute some card catalog cards – new, re-purposed, artistic, historic, humorous its your choice – to “Diary of a Library” a Community Card Catalog of Pictures, Memories and Stories, which Tompkins County Public Library is creating as part of its art exhibit “150 Years and Counting” which will be part of our Sesquicentennial Celebrations in April 2014. Check out our website at for more information. Mail your cards or email digital images of them to

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