Mission Statement

Lacunae: An Undergraduate Journal for Queer of Color Critique interrupts the field of Queer Studies and challenges its silence around racism, nationalism, and colonialism through the centering of women of color feminisms and critiques of (hetero) normativity. Queer of Color Critique acts as an intervention in and expansion of Queer Studies by interrogating “queerness” beyond the realm of gender and sexuality to establish “queer” as an analytic and anti-racist praxis. Drawing from queer of color critique and women of color feminisms as theoretical frameworks and modes of existence, Lacunae demonstrates the multiplicity of queer of color theories, activisms, and arts that manifest within, outside of, and against the academy. The journal centers inter-, trans-, and anti-disciplinary theory, art, and praxis, and welcomes contributions such as traditional essays, research articles, and creative works from queer and trans undergraduate students of color. Lacunae addresses the lack of “academic” journals dedicated to the field of Queer of Color Critique, celebrates the lives of queer and trans people of color, and prioritizes the publication of queer of color scholarly and artistic expressions.