Volume 1:  “My Own Kind”: The Politics of Naming in Queer and Trans Communities of Color

The inaugural issue of Lacunae, published May 2018.


Lacunae Volume 1 – May 2018 (Web) is now available for download online. An enhanced ePub version is coming some time in Fall 2018.

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Table of Contents

Edited by Spencer Garcia. Cover art by Micah Fedenko. Book design by Ri Le.
Acknowledgements • by Spencer Garcia
Mission Statement • by Spencer Garcia
Editor’s Note • Spencer Garcia
Transformative Engagement with Hegemonic Masculinity • Micah Fedenko
Exulansis; A Note on Puberty and Language • M. David Ford
“Boihood is the ultimate liberation”: Transcendence of Colonial Constructions of Gender and Sexuality and Liberatory Potentialities of Self-Identification • Spencer Garcia
Queer Manifesto: After June Jordan • Donna Gary
The Diasporic Politics of Accented Cinema: Negotiating Nation-State in Deepa Mehta’s Fire • Rishi Guné
a rest • Jennifer Vela
Black Subjectivities in Bloom: The Prosumption of Afro-German Discourse after the 1980s • Stevie Gunter
Soy Como Las Huacas • Giselle Sanchez Huerta