Scholarship and Publications


Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters
2018.    Discordant Democracy: Audition, Affect and the Presidential Campaign.
London, Routledge.

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2018     “Communication Breakdown: How Political and Musical Representations Fail”
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2016      “Notes on Deconstructing Populism: Pop Music in the 2012 Campaign Trail”
American Music Vol. 34 No. 3 Fall 2016.

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2013     “Total War, Total Anti-War: Music, Holism and Anti-war Protest.” Ethnomusicology Review 18 (2013),
*Honorable Mention for the 2014 Waterman Prize

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*Selected for the 3rd Edition E-book Americana: Readings in Popular Culture.

2011     “Feeling Change: The 2008 Obama Campaign and Experiencing the Emotion of Participatory Politics,” International Political Anthropology 4, n. 2 (2011): 113-133,

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2009     “The Art of Noise: Experiencing the Sound of Politics,” in “The Art of Democracy,” special issue, Soundings, XCII, n. 3-4 (Fall/Winter 2009): 303-330.

General Audience Articles, Book Reviews, Educational Blogs, and Other Publications

2018     “Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the DIY Aesthetic” Society for American Music Newsletter, Fall 2018

2018     “We’re Not Gonna Take it: Trump and the Striking West Virginia Teachers” SEM Student News, Fall 2018

2018     “Political Overtures: Music and the Presidential Campaign” Cabinet: A Quarterly of Art and Culture, No. 64 Winter 2017

2016     “Deconstructing the Populism: Pop Music in the Modern Campaign Trail”

2016     “It’s not an ad: It’s a Revolution”

2016     “The Power of Sound: The 2016 Campaign”

2014     “Notes on Listening to Democracy: Popular Music on the Contemporary Campaign Trail” Zeteo: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Writing

Notes on Listening to Democracy


2014     Review of M’Baye, Babacar, and Alexander Charles Oliver Hall, eds. CrossingTraditions: American Popular Music in Local and Global Contexts (Lanham, MD,Toronto and Plymouth: The Scarecrow Press.) Music and Letters 95, n. 3: 491-49

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2009    Book reviews in Southwest Journal of Cultures

▪ Iain Ellis, Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists (Berkeley, CA: Soft Skull Press, 2008)

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▪ Brian Dolan, Inventing Entertainment: The Player Piano and the Origins of an American Musical Industry (New York: Rowan and Littlefield, 2009)