Justin Patch

Justin L.B. Patch a Post-doctoral fellow in Music. Specializing in music and the experience of US politics from the grassroots to the presidential campaign. Justin Patch is assistant professor of music at Vassar College, where he has taught since 2012. Previous to arriving at Vassar he taught at The University of Texas at Austin (his alma mater), Tufts University, Endicott College, Emmanuel College, and Bridgewater State University. His scholarship is varied and moves between cultural analysis of US political campaigns, sound studies, perspectives on education, and critiques of ethnographic method and  has appeared in scholarly and literary journals, educational and literary websites, and edited volumes in music and education. When not teaching or researching, Justin can be found playing guitar (noisily), playing basketball (badly), walking Simon (the handsome super-mutt), or indulging in science fiction.

Book now available
“This is What Democracy Sounds Like” pg. 19-50
“Science and Fiction: A Polemic on The Role of Imaginative Fiction in Civics and the Economy of Innovation” pg. 179-200