Firsts in America – Sara Golakova ’26

I was asked to write a blog post for the OIS. As a proud OIS intern, I could not refuse. However, I’m at that point of the Vassar journey where I am severely burnt out, homesick, drowning in academic papers, documents & paperwork, and so on. No matter how much I sleep I cannot get enough rest. This is normal and I can’t do much about it except endure. In other words, I can’t write an extensive blog post — but I can offer you a glimpse into my notes. 
This note is called Firsts in America. 
– seeing a possum
– seeing a groundhog
– seeing a crane
– seeing a chipmunk
– seeing an eagle
– eating grilled cheese
– eating tomato soup
– eating caramel popcorn
– eating ranch
– using an Apple device
– riding the subway
– riding the schoolbus
– riding in an automatic car
– eating with chopsticks
– eating Korean and Japanese food
– eating brisket
– eating onion rings
– eating tortilla chips and dip
– bowling
– seeing a raccoon
– seeing a beaver

Take care of yourselves y’all 🙂

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