Getting to Know our Blogger–Nicholas Quek

Hello, my name is Nicholas Quek, and I’m a Junior from Singapore! I’m on an exchange programme, so I’m spending the Spring semester here in Vassar College. I’ve spent my whole life in Singapore, which is blessed (?) with 90-degree weather and 85% humidity all year round. It’s taken me quite some time to get used to the weather here, but I must say I’m starting to enjoy the cool temperatures here.

I’m a history major with a minor in Literature, which has been a nightmare in   terms of readings. Strangely enough, I’m only taking one history class in Vassar, with the other classes being either in Religion or Art History.

Military service is compulsory in Singapore, so right after high school I spent about 2 months in Basic Training, another 3 months in Military Police Training, before getting a hold of this ‘lil girl! Her name is Lottie, and I spent about 10 months training her as a sniffer dog. She’s really cute and friendly; it’s a shame I can’t go back to visit her due to security reasons.

Most of my weekends in Singapore are spent in church, so I’m looking forward to getting rooted to a church nearby and getting to know some of the folks from the Christian fellowship on campus. I also love playing the guitar, browsing through guitar gear, and making financially irresponsible decisions regarding the aforementioned products.

Looking forward to writing more on this space! Have a great week ahead.

(View from my dorm room back in Singapore)

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