Sleepless in Shanghai(Phoem) by Annie Xu Class 2022

I have always wanted to write a poem using photos and call it my Phoem. I am especially grateful
that I could spend sometime over winter break and explore Shanghai in depth. As I said although I
have lived there for quite a long time, the city never ceased to surprise me with new excitement. In
all the following pictures, I tried to capture a moment in the day that particularly speak to me as a
representative of the city. The name of each photo specify the time and name of the district in
Shanghai in which the photo was taken. I didn’t manage to cover all of them. But there is a wide
Changning 11:56am–Xuhui 12:06pm–Wujiaochang 1:53pm–Chenghuang Temple 2pm–Huangpu 2:48pm–Putuo 9:01pm–Jiangwan 9:26pm–Jiangwan 9:30pm

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