International Profile #5–Shani Robyn Cox

Shani Robyn Cox (VC’15) was born in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands many moons ago, and is currently a post-bac for the Office of International Services as the overlord of us poor, poor interns. She was a Japanese major during her time at Vassar College, and thoroughly enjoys learning about Korean culture–names like EXO, Running Man, and G-Dragon bring tears of joy to her eyes. To many a Vassar student, Shani Robyn is a mysterious yet awesome figure–now, it is time to draw back the veil and show you the real Shani Robyn!


Shani, what is your favorite genre of movies?

I like action movies a lot. And horror films. BRING ON THE HORROR FILMS!!


Why’d you come to Vassar?

It’s in New York. I could take the train to the city (not that I ever go… *cry*). But also because Vassar was a small school, where I could take Japanese classes and had a form of a Korean course. I wanted to be able to connect with my professors more and I thought I could do that better at a smaller school where the classes wouldn’t overwhelm me in size. And I was right!


Where is your favorite place on Earth?

My favorite place on Earth (currently) is Lawrenceville, GA. There’s nothing to do there, unless you have a car. But my dog is there (living with my mom) and she’s the cutest (though rudest) dog ever (!) and I get to use my mom’s car. Everything I need is no more than 30-45 minutes away and the parks are pretty.


Do you have any really interesting hobbies?

I have many hobbies, but I’m not too sure if they’re interesting. I’m a hobby colorist, I knit and crochet, I write creative fiction (they’re really bad and will never see the light of day!), and I critically analyze movies (but in a rude heckling way).


If you could travel back in time to any period of history, where and when will you go to?

I would want to go to Edwardian or Victorian era Britain. Mostly because I like the fashions of that era. OR I would go Edo-period Japan.


Do you have any plans after Vassar?

No concrete plans as of yet…


And finally, what’s your favorite restaurant in Poughkeepsie?

Hmm… That’s a tough one. I like Babycake’s Goat Cheese and Honey appetizer, Thai Spice’s Malaysian Curry Noodles (w/ Fried Chicken), BurgerFi’s Conflicted Burger (w/ A1 sauce), and Billy Bob’s Piggy Mac. But I think the prize for most craved is Sushi Village’s All You Can Eat Sushi!


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