Sushi Village’s All You Can Eat Goodness

I love sushi. There are few things better than seeing a plate of salmon sushi, tuna sashimi, and like 6 different rolls sitting right in front of you. There’s only one catch though: the price tag. A roll of six individual pieces can easily fetch up to $5-6 at any nearby sushi restaurant (inc. Sushi House, Tokyo Express, and Sushi Village). 3 pieces of sashimi may cost you $4 as well, and it’s hard to satiate your love for sushi and still make your wallet happy.

That’s why I’ve recently started to enjoy what Sushi Village has to offer. The restaurant is located right next to Ku Yah, across from the Bank of America and Hurricane Wings and Grill–roughly a 10 minute walk from Vassar. Though the interior design is not as atmospheric as Tokyo Express’s, it does the job. The menu selection is also slightly less than what I expected, although there is one winning aspect that only Sushi Village possesses: an all-you-can eat option. For only $20.95 per person ($21.95 from Fri-Sun), you can eat anything you want from salmon sashimi to udon noodles to seaweed salad to red bean ice cream.

The food is of very high quality, although the food does take a while to prepare and be served to you. Moreover, sometimes the servers can forget what you ordered, so it does take points away from the whole experience. Overall, if you want to eat good sushi at reasonable prices, go to Sushi Village–just make sure you have a lot of time on your hands.

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