International Profile 1# – Robyn Winona Lin

Robyn Lin, Class of ’18

International Profile 1#

The International community is highly diverse and welcoming. Interested in knowing some of these cool people? Wondering about what are they like?

Let’s welcome Robyn, Vassar 2018’!!!!

Hey Robyn, what’s your name??

Robyn Winona Lin. My dad chose my first name and my mom choose my middle name. She named me after actress Winona Ryder, before she stole from a Saks store in LA. My parents also showed me the store she stole from during a college tour in grade 11 of high school.

Where are you from? Your nationality, hometown etc.

-Nationality: Hong Kong & Canada   Hometown: Toronto, Canada

I’ve never really had an identity crisis over my ethnicity & nationality; the greatest type of “shock” to my identity, has been navigating it while on Vassar’s campus.

Have you figured out your major?

-I plan on majoring in International Studies with a concentration in political science and women’s studies. After Vassar, I plan to attend law school or some sort of graduate school.

Any fun fact about your campus commitment?

-I’m an intern for the Office of International Services as well as the treasurer for Asian Students’ Alliance! Fun fact: ASA has a major event called Night Market happening on November 7th! ALANA and VSA orgs sell yummy food in the College Centre. #shameless promotion

One of the moments you feel very homesick.

-I usually feel homesick the most when I have a lot of homework or the Deece particularly sucks, or when I have to go all the way to NYC just to be in a metropolitan area once again.

The biggest difference between US and your hometown.

-The politics. Also the lack of All Dressed flavored chips.

What or who gives you the sense of belonging at Vassar?

-The International community as well as the Asian Students’ Alliance have made me feel like I belong at Vassar.

When did you get bored of Deece? One food you miss the most from your country.

-The moment I realized how amazing the Deece is, I got bored of the Deece. So from Day 1. I miss authentic Chinese food + poutine the most from home.

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