Human Participants Training and Education Requirement

Training in human subjects research is strongly recommended.  Key personnel on NIH-funded human subjects research are required to obtain such training, even if the research is exempt from IRB review.

Here is one available training option:

If you are using the CITI website for the first time, follow these instructions:

1. Click on the “Register” link on the top right corner of the page.

2. Complete items 1-7 of the registration process and click “Submit.” Please note that for item 1 of the registration process, you should select “Vassar College.”

3. Click “NO” for each question under Step 5.

4. In Step 6, under “Role In Research,” choose “Student Researcher – Undergraduate.”

5. The questions in Step 7 under “Select Curriculum” enroll you in CITI program courses. Leave Questions 1 and 3 blank. For Question 2, select “Social and Behavioral Research Investigators.” For Question 4, select “Not at this time.”

6. After you have checked all the appropriate boxes, Click “Submit” and then “Finalize Registration.” You will then be redirected to take the required training modules.

7. Under Vassar College Courses, you will see the training course for “Social and Behavioral Research.” Select this course to begin your training.