Stepping Into Amenia

selfieHello bloggers and readers of the world. My name is Jessica but you call me Jess. What can I say? I was born and raised in Los Angeles and boy is it nothing like the Hudson Valley let alone the small town of Amenia. When I made the decision to move to Poughkeepsie, I didn’t put much thought to how different it would be to live here. I just saw Vassar College. Ever since I first stepped out of the Metro North Poughkeepsie Train Station I’ve noticed differences between the City of Angels and Poughkeepsie. One major difference that seems a bit irrelevant but affects me a lot is that in the past two weeks I haven’t seen or heard a single airplane or helicopter, knowing that in Los Angeles I was repeatedly woken up in the middle of the night by patrolling helicopters(not a soothing sound to wake up to). In the past two weeks I’ve felt peaceful, even after receiving hundreds of pages of reading.


This peace that the Hudson Valley holds can not only be seen at Vassar but also in the surrounding towns like Amenia. When I first heard I was going to visit the Amenia Farmers Markets along with my classmates from Field Experiences in the Hudson Valley, I pictured a huge farmers market like the ones I occasionally visited in Los Angeles.  To my surprise, it wasn’t big at all.  I was a bit hesitant to walk in and explore because I thought to myself “what can this farmers market possibly hold?”. I was definitely surprised when I saw the range of products the different vendors had to offer.


 I personally enjoyed the view of the desserts sold by one of the vendors the most. As I inquired about her absolutely scrumptious looking desserts, the vendor explained how she bases her creations on locally grown fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.  To show for her statement she had multiple creations made out of pumpkin. Apart from desserts, the Amenia Farmers market offered vendors with products like dairy, greek oils, mushrooms, vegetables(that I had never even seen), jewelry and variety of other things.

drive in

Along with visiting the farmers market in Amenia, I also visited a drive-in movie theater/ice cream shop there. It had a very relaxed and peaceful essence, it is definitely a place to visit when you’re driving past Amenia although it still hasn’t screened its first movie.  Overall my trip to the Amenia Farmers Market and parts of the town of Amenia was really enjoyable, it is a place that will bring peace and will slow down your busy and stressful lifestyle if you’re from the city like me.